Beauty parlor in Parque Batlle Villa Dolores (Montevideo, Uruguay)

We have the area hair care center where we seek solutions to hair loss, low volume, phase of stagnant growth, oiliness, thinness, etc. in the.

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Beauty salons in Parque Batlle Villa Dolores -
You have an event and you thought about the hair, dress, shoes....

Cosmetics in Parque Batlle Villa Dolores -
Importer of diapers and personal care ...

Bing - Cosmetics parque batlle villa dolores montevideo uruguay
Importer of diapers and personal care ...

Therapeutic massages in Montevideo -
You can heal and improve your quality of life through tools such as reiki, massage therapy, reflexology and meditation. Therapies to diminish the stress, anxiety,...

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Nivel1 We have the area Hair Care Center where we seek solutions to hair loss, low volume, phase of stagnant growth, oiliness, thinness, etc.
In the area you will realizarte Hair Design services based organic active ingredients extracted from our own garden (with aloe, avocado, ginger, echinacea, essential oils from India, etc.)
European apply natural hair extensions 100% remy by adhesive strips. They More...
Cartagena1700 esq Av. Rivera - Carrasco - Montevideo - Uruguay

Beauty Mora

Full salon
Pedro Trápani 836 esquina Zubiría - Prado - Montevideo - Uruguay

Dermis tattoo

Tattoos, Micropigmentation, permanent makeup, piercing, smoking leaflets, accessories.
Galeria colonial local 4. florencio sánchez y muniz. Cerro largo - Ciudad Vieja - Montevideo - Uruguay

B. V Belleza Integral

B. V Belleza Integral Dermopigmentacion (permanent maquillaje), definitive shaving system of needles; brushing progressive - face treatments - radio frequency - shaving traditional system with disposable wax, in doctor's office and address.
- Pocitos - Montevideo - Uruguay

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